Important Tourist Places in Madurai

Synonymous with Madurai is the Meenakshi Sundareswarar twin Temple, the pivot around which the city has evolved. The Meenakshi Temple complex is literally a city - one of the largest of its kind in India and undoubtedly one of the oldest too.- Read More

Madurai - The Glory of Pandyas

Madurai is Known as Athens of the East, Madurai is a place of great historical and cultural importance. It is the oldest city in Tamil Nadu and Madurai lies on the banks of the River Vaigai. Madurai is one of the liveliest cities in South India it was originally known as Kadambavanam or the "forest of Kadamba" or the Nauclea kadamba. - Read More


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The Ancient City

Madurai is the mighty ancient Capital of the Pandya kingdom. It is called the temple city in the name of Goddess Meenakshi and God Sundareswarar.It is known as the Athens of  South India on account of its greatness and beauty. This city is now well known to the world. The Greek Ambassador Megastaneese who adorned the court of Chandra Guptha  Mauria (B.C. 302) had left a note that a Pandya princess was ruling at Madurai. Evidence is not wanting to show that there was pleasing trade between Pandya Country, Rome,  and Greece in the west - Read More

Madurai and the Meenakshi Temples

The ancient southern Indian city of Madurai that has earned the sobriquet, 'Athens of the East', is a place of great historical importance. Said to be the oldest city in South India, Madurai stands on the banks of the sacred river Vaigai, eternalized in Lord Shiva's exploits in the 'Halasya Purana'. - Read More

Madurai Tourism

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